Mazzeh, EastVillas Damascus, Syria
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e Blue Ocean School once again thanks you for the trust you have put in the organization, and we hope it will be a successful journey for all. We see you as part of the place, we value your input, and we will do every possible way to help you succeed as your success is ours. We are here to help people build a brighter future especially in Syria, and we are all part of this mission

Welcome to Blue Ocean, a language and business school that was founded in Damascus in 2020 operating in the field of education.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is centered around delivering our very best to our learners.We understand that the whole industry of training is there to help learners go to the next level as fast as possible, and make them produce the language in a correct way syntactically and semantically.To do so, we apply experiential learning where learners are expected to take sufficient part in the learning process and learn through practicing the language and making mistakes rather than being spoon-fed. Instructors at the Blue Ocean are expected to involve learners to be language producers rather than language consumers.
Core Values
We have developed values that can help us achieve our mission on the educational and human levels.Together, every day we live and experience the following values which define our culture, make our daily decisions, shape our communication and move us forward
Making difference
Exchanging values
Embracing humanity
Fueling trust, communication, and authenticity
Spreading a culture of equality, diversity, and equity
Monitoring process and holding ourselves accountable on results
Controlling quality to assure effective and sufficient learning
Enhancing learning in a supportive and world-class environment
Our Mission
Our mission is to inspire humans and help people build a brighter future through education.We commit to our mission by offering language and business solutions to individuals and corporates with high quality, niche services and fast result.It goes beyond training as we believe that it is in the core of our existence to take part in building the community and enhancing humanity.